Bar vs Tavern: What is the Difference?

While both bars and taverns serve alcoholic beverages, the terminology used to describe them varies from region to region. Some areas use the terms interchangeably, while others differentiate between licensing and terminology. 

Generally speaking, a bar is a place to drink alcoholic beverages, while a tavern grill Apple Valley is a place to drink and eat. Bars are often located in urban areas, while taverns are usually situated in towns. Bars are a more casual place to visit and are less expensive. Bars are also more lively and more likely to offer live entertainment. In addition, they usually have a bar area with a high counter designed to facilitate mixing drinks. On the other hand, taverns have an old-fashioned look. They may also have a jukebox and are usually intended for dining.

History of Bar and Tavern

Historically, the term “bar” referred to all drinking establishments. These establishments served beer, wine, and spirits. The bar was the name for the counter that ran down the side wall of the establishment. The word ‘bar’ also referred to a wooden or metal barrier that prevented people from entering the establishment.

During the 19th century, taverns remained the center of social activity. However, as the social world changed, taverns began to take on new legal and social meanings. A tavern typically focuses on drinking, while a bar focuses on alcohol sales and socializing. In the United States, bars can be found in cities, towns, and rural areas. Bars are popular places for a drink and are often less expensive than taverns. Bars also have a wider age range, while taverns may be off-limits to underage individuals.

Difference in offerings

Bars typically have smaller tables, while taverns have large ones. Generally, bars serve more beer and cocktails, while taverns serve more wine. A bar may also have a pool table, while a tavern may not. There is also a difference in attitude toward serving food. While a bar often has snacks, a tavern may have a full meal. However, this may vary from tavern to tavern, depending on the restaurant’s menu.

While a tavern usually has a more traditional look, bars are more modern. They have more music and dancing and may have a jukebox. In some cases, a tavern may even have a restaurant component, which is a bit of a hybrid between a bar and a restaurant. However, this can depend on the tavern’s owner. A restaurant typically has booth seating, while a bar often has small tables and chairs. A bar will often have a higher age limit and a smaller menu.

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