How authID’s Biometric Authentication Can Help Call Centers?

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Companies and organizations that collect customer data must have a highly secure infrastructure to store an enormous amount of confidential information, such as call centers. Various cutting-edge e-security solutions, like LoginID, are emerging, but fraudsters have also gone sophisticated. Using password-based authentication can harm businesses as culprits know how to circumnavigate passphrases.

As digital threats continuously evolve in the past years, call centers must adapt knowledge-based authentication alternatives to voice biometric authentication. One of the call center identity verification solutions to consider is facial biometric authentication. Here are the advantages it offers:

Make Transactions Fast and Seamless

Enhancing customer experience is a top priority across various industries, like call centers. However, this should not compromise the client’s security. There is nothing wrong with employing voice biometrics as user identity confirmation, but it comes with its shortcomings. Voice-based authentication is not as accurate as facial recognition, aside from background noise can impact the quality of login.

Facial biometric authentication only takes a couple of seconds to grant the user login access. People no longer need to memorize passphrases and have no trouble with voice quality, allowing seamless login procedures.

Offer High-Level Login Authentication

Like voice recognition, face-based biometric authentication provides a more secure login. This is because duplicating a person’s face is hard, and no one can steal it from an individual. With this authentication scheme, fraudsters cannot access an account even by bringing a copy of the actual owner’s face. Facial biometrics is inherently owned by the legitimate user only.

Deliver High Success Rates

As facial recognition can give customers a seamless login experience, companies can expect people to complete the organization’s onboarding or authentication processes. People shop at online stores that make life easier for them. Cart abandonment is imminent to companies with complicated onboarding procedures.

Governments and financial institutions have embraced facial biometric authentication to limit drop-off and enhance user experience.

These are only a few advantages that facial biometrics can give call centers. To get the best face-based biometric solutions, connect with authID. Interested clients can use our contact page to send a message.