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Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced significant changes in how people conduct their usual tasks. Since the disease’s outbreak, there has been a spike in remote services as more organizations across industries migrate to the digital realm.

Electronic platforms were seen as the ideal solution for people to continue their daily pursuits while following quarantine protocols. However, conducting transactions remotely can also mean increased exposure to risks, especially with weak cybersecurity measures.

Fraudsters are relentless in committing crimes even during a global health crisis. They will use various situations to carry out their illegal activities. In fact, many cases in 2020 have been attributed to COVID-19-related scams, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

As of August, the FTC has received about 175,000 complaints of fraud, identity theft, Do Not Call, and other forms of scams. Criminals are exploiting digital services with eCommerce as the most targeted industry.

With the proliferation of threats like this, enterprises in multiple sectors must tighten their security measures against fraudulent attacks. They must improve their digital identity verification capabilities to effectively weed out the bad guys and prevent them from infiltrating the network.

These organizations can work with trusted Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers to shore up their anti-fraud defenses. Many IDaaS companies have identity authentication solutions that can perform the procedure on a large scale and a fast rate.

Moreover, these solutions leverage mobile devices to make the authentication process more convenient. Customers can use their preferred channel to complete a biometric identity verification scan. They can also use their mobile device to take a photo of their government-issued credential and submit it online for identity document authentication.

Modern identity proofing technologies meet the demand for both security and a seamless user experience. It also enables enterprises to protect their operations better and comply with regulations.

For more information on how identity verification and identity document authentication can benefit enterprises in different industries, an infographic from Ipsidy is provided below.