Improved winter grip with the right winter tyres

When driving during the winter season it is crucial that you have good grip, but also the stability is very important so that the vehicle doesn’t spin out of control. Driving in winter conditions is difficult as it is, so if you don’t make sure that you have the best tyres for your vehicle to give you the stability and control that you need. The tyres selection is important both in terms of safety and performance.

You will basically have to make a selection for both winter and summer tyres, where they both have to be good choices. It might be even more important for the winter tyres as you have more challenging conditions. You might also opt to choose all-season tyres, which are a hybrid between summer and winter tyres and can handle both conditions if they are approved for winter use.

For winter tyres you have a wide variety of tyres to choose from, they will all have different looking tread design and some will have studs protruding from the tread for improved grip. It is important to take time when you select tyres, as they are fundamental in ensuring your safety on the roads when you drive. You should consider the tyres as any other safety feature of your car, like the seat belts, airbags and anti-lock braking systems. The latter ones are already included when you purchase your car, but the tyres you will choose since they will need to be optimized based on your driving habits and conditions. This doesn’t make them less important, as winter tyres tend to be more important in terms of selecting the right tyres and there are more options as you have both studded and non-studded tyre options.

The new EU label has three different criteria highlighted, the wet grip, fuel consumption and tyre noise. It is easy to get a quick overview of how the wet grip is and how it compares to the other tyres. Wet grip is of course different than grip on icy and snowy surfaces, so if you choose a winter tyre you will need to assess the grip and stability in a different way. The best tends to be reading various reviews and tests of the tyres and start building up your knowledge from there. Some companies have a long history of making great winter tyres, which are known for having good grip and stability in winter conditions. As the choice is important take your time and stay safe.

You also have the group of tyres that is referred to as all-season tyres or all-weather tyres that are tyres that can handle both summer and winter conditions. They are hybrid tyres between both summer and winter tyres, that can handle both conditions in a safe manner. They will need to be approved for winter use. To find the best ones you can combine the information you get from EU tyre label as you want to see both how they perform as summer tyres as well as how they perform as winter tyres, that you can assess from tyre tests in motor magazines.

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