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PCR Test Vs. Rapid Antigen Test, what are the difference?

For infectious diseases, the ideal response for public health officials would be immediate testing. The same goes for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as a Covid-19 test plays a significant role in mitigating and containing the virus.

Testing leads to quick identification of cases, resulting in immediate care and isolation for those who tested positive to prevent the spread. In addition, for people who came in close contact with people who have an active infection, they too can be quickly treated as they are identified early.

It is of utmost importance to isolate and hospitalize people infected to help stop the spread of the virus, especially today that there is a rapid rise of hospitalizations that is putting such a burden on public health systems and clinical care systems.

Also, as part of the effort to resume normal work, travel, and school, testing should be a priority. Most  airlines today do not allow passengers to travel if they do not have a negative result of a fit to fly covid test, particularly from a pcr test.

A fit to fly covid test is proof that travelers are fit to fly. It means that before travel, they have been examined by a healthcare professional and are not infected by the virus. Such a test is essential in the effort of preventing the virus from spreading via air travel.

Regardless of whether a traveler, worker, or those who want to ensure they do not have a current infection, they have the option to get tested. However, there are different types of tests for identifying the coronavirus, and people must know them.

Two diagnostic tests can determine whether a person has an active coronavirus infection: a PCR test and an Antigen Test. Both of which are highly useful but with different levels of reliability.

A PCR test can deliver more accurate results, while the Antigen test can produce false positives. Nevertheless, it is a more viable option for those who want to get immediate results.

Click this infographic made by Harley Medic International to learn more about the difference between a PCR test and Rapid Antigen Test.