The Difference: Oceanfront VS. Oceanview

When booking a reservation for a villa or suite, you first need to look at the view from their window; it needs to have an aesthetically pleasing scenery that is enough to take away all of your stress. And a good candidate for this is a sight of an ocean. An ocean sound of the waves that come in, crash, and then recede again will certainly relax your mind. But we often get flabbergasted if the receptionist asks us if we are looking for an oceanfront or oceanview. Although both have ocean words, they differ from each other. Below is the explanation of oceanview and oceanfront: 


Oceanfront rooms provide a direct view of the water and are frequently close to the ocean, so you can hear the waves while opening the window, in contrast with ocean view accommodation, which typically only has a partial view of the water. So, this is an ideal place for ocean enthusiasts. Additionally, this accommodation type is directly between the beachfront and oceanview. 


An oceanview accommodation will allow you to see the water outside your room. However, the ocean may not always be the first thing you notice when you look out your window. But in this room type, it will be visible from your room.

The best resorts in Antigua that offer oceanview rooms are at Tamarind Hills. They fall in a higher room category that provide services such as private chef, babysitting, villa spa treatments, scuba diving, pre-arrival grocery stocking, personal laundry, dry cleaning services, and many more. Overall, a room with an ocean view raises the bar for the level of rest you can experience throughout your incredible vacation in Antigua.

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