Things Know Before Going To An Urgent Care Boca Raton FL Facility

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As a patient in Boca Raton FL, you have various options available to you for convenient medical treatment. In case if you are not faced with a true emergency but cannot wait to be seen by your regular doctor, urgent care Boca Raton FL facilities are your best option. But you need to remember that not all urgent medical care centers are created the same. You will find some that are independently run and others that are affiliated with hospitals or universities, and the quality of care that is offered may differ as well as the costs and convenience.

Before you go to an urgent care Boca Raton FL facility, you need to realize that you may not see a doctor. Even though many urgent care centers have doctors on staff, they also have a staff of nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can diagnose and prescribe treatment for a number of health conditions. No matter the type of healthcare provider you see, they will likely provide the treatment you need and then recommend following up with your regular doctor.

It is also not a good idea to visit an urgent care Boca Raton FL facility for a life-threatening emergency. Remember that urgent care centers are limited in the type of care that they can provide. These facilities are suitable when you need treatment for strep throat, colds, urinary tract infections, bug things, burns, and allergic reactions. There are some urgent care clinics that can also treat small lacerations and fractures.

However, for a major emergency, it is a good idea to go straight to an emergency room. Among the situations that require a hospital include difficulty breathing, chest pain, unconsciousness, severe dizziness, severe headache, bleeding that won’t stop, severe vomiting, and a broken bone that sticks out of the skin. Visiting a urgent care facility in these situations is potentially dangerous since doctors at the clinic may not have the right equipment to treat your problem.

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