What are the Signs your External Roller Shutters need Repair?

External shutters are excellent window treatment solutions for keeping high temperatures out of your property and providing security and privacy. But while you may be focusing on installation and functionality, you might forget your external window shutters also need maintenance. Failing to maintain or perform repairs on your shutters could only worsen any existing damage, potentially shortening their life and causing inconvenience.


What are the signs your external roller shutters need repairs? Keep reading to find out.

Visible Damage

The most obvious sign your roller shutters would benefit from a repair is physical damage. If you see dents, bending, or any deformation,  call a professional to fix them. These physical harms are often caused by forced entry, misuse, or regular wear and tear.

Loud Motor Sounds

For motorised roller shutters, any strange, rumbling noises coming from the motors are a warning of existing problems. Motorised external motor shutters should have no issue operating your coverings, and any unusual sounds warrant a call from a repairman.

Shutters Get Stuck

Your shutters might get stuck while you open and close them. This issue can be inconvenient, mainly if you use those shutters to keep important items safe from burglary. Usually, shutters getting stuck means the nails are rusty and require a lubricant to loosen.

Meanwhile, if your shutters only close or open halfway, this might indicate that dust has completely blocked the proximity censors. To resolve this issue, clean dirt and debris around your shutters and censors.

Broken Cords

If you are using string or manual shutters, you should inspect the cords to see if they are still intact. Broken cables will make it difficult for you to operate your shutters, so if you see they have been damaged, either replace them with electric variations or have them addressed immediately.


External window shutters should have seals to keep water from flowing through, so if you spot any leaks from your roller shutters, the seals must have been broken. While leaks won’t cause much damage, they could easily allow bugs or fire to enter the property.

Misalignment and Loose Tracks

Shaking roller shutters indicate misalignment or tracks that have been dislodged from where they were supposed to be. Dislodged tracks can pose a significant risk of injury to anyone on the property, so be sure to have it attended to as soon as possible. If the damages on your external roller shutters are beyond repair, the better option would be to purchase new high-quality electric roller shutters from QLD Roller Shutters. You’ll have shutters three times stronger than the industry standard and enjoy quick turnaround and installation. Visit QLD Roller Shutters to learn more.