Why it is important to use winter tyres

Due to safety one should always make sure that you have car tyres that can provide sufficient grip during the winter season. There might be some legal requirements for using winter tyres, but if there are none, you still need to shoulder the responsibility. Winter tyres are superior to summer tyres already when the temperatures are below freezing. This is due to the fact that the summer tyres get hard and can’t provide the necessary friction needed to provide the good grip. They of course also are much better than summer tyres on winter surfaces such as snow, ice and slush.

You will have much better safety performance when driving with winter-approved tyres. You will be able to drive safely even on snow and ice, which wouldn’t be possible with summer tyres. You will have grip when the winter arrives, so regardless if you have snow or ice you will have good grip. Good grip is needed to have sufficient traction so that you can get the car in motion. You also need the grip so that you can get the car to stop, this is often referred to as braking distance, where the shorter the better.

Without proper tyres you can basically not get anywhere, and you will have problems just getting up steep hills. Even driving down hills can be challenging and is often a situation where a lot of accidents happen, as cars slide and can’t stop. The same often happens in crossings, where a lot of people have been braking, you get a very icy surface with very limited grip.

For safe driving with good grip and control, you will need good quality winter tyres on your car before the first day of winter conditions until the last day. If you don’t have winter tyres mounted and you have snow, you should refrain from using the car and use alternative transportation until the snow melts and you can change tyres.

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