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What is Workplace COVID-19 Testing?

Workplace testing has become essential for businesses to keep operations going despite the pandemic. However, safety in the work environment must still be ensured to mitigate the virus’s dangers and hazards.

There are options for workplace testing, which are the three types of COVID-19 testing that can help determine whether a person has the virus.

  • Molecular test

The molecular test is also known as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. It is considered to be the most accurate and reliable test for determining positive cases of COVID-19. The majority of test reports came from this type of test, which includes PCR test Leicester. This test is also mostly used by companies in workplace testing.

  • Antigen test or rapid test

The word rapid in this type of test refers to the quick results, which take an hour or less compared to PCR. However, it is said to be more likely to miss an active case of infection even though it works similarly to PCR.

  • Antibody test

This type of test involves looking for antibodies in the virus. While this does not diagnose active infection cases, it tells a person if the virus has infected them in the past.

          Workplace testing has various benefits that help businesses and companies ensure continuity and resilience in their operations, especially during this pandemic.

  • Returning Critical Staff to Work Immediately

Employees are essential in keeping the business operations going, and companies must ensure their safety as they do so. Critical employees handle daily tasks that require their qualifications and skills.

  • Identifying Asymptomatic Employees and Prevent Loss of Workforce

Employees being exposed to the virus remain to be a concern for companies and businesses as they continue operations. Having workplace COVID-19 testing such as PCR tests can prevent employers from suffering workforce loss and trace other people who might be carriers of the virus.

  • Clearing Staff with Negative Results

There are circumstances wherein employees need to prove that they do not have the virus, especially when they need to travel and visit client facilities. Requirements such as fit to fly covid test, and negative COVID-19 test results become important factors that can clear them off for infection.

  • Ongoing Exposure

Many employees, especially from large companies, naturally come in contact with various people every day. Recurring testing plans can be helpful for companies in preventing COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

If you’re looking for more information about workplace COVID-19 testing, see this infographic created and designed by Harley Medic International.