New premium tyres can help prevent hydroplaning

New innovations in tyre manufacturing can help protect your car from aquaplaning.  A lot of research and development have brought forth new generation of premium tyres that are able to evacuate water quicker and more efficiently than before. Hydroplaning is the phenomenon when a layer of water builds up between the tyres and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction. They have deeper grooves to help evacuate snow, slush and water from the tyre thereby protecting from hydroplaning. Technologies like polished grooves like in the Nokian eLine 2 summer tyres will allow the tyre to store more water inside the grooves from between the tyre and the road while accelerating its flow from the main grooves both laterally and inside the grooves. Innovations like this improve their aquaplaning properties. They also have trumpet grooves, so they can store water from between the tyre and the road, accelerating its flow from the main grooves towards the transverse grooves and maximizing grip.

You also have all-weather tyres like the Nokian Weatherproof tyres are made of rubber compounds that are very similar to the rubber compounds of winter tyres. It also features the snowflake symbol. The Nokian Weatherproof all-weather tyres can effectively clean snow, slush, and water off the tyre to ensure that the tyre grips the road thereby protecting against both slush and aquaplaning. Hydroplaning does not just pertain to water but also to slush, which can happen when the snow starts melting, leaving slush on the road. This is why even in other seasons than the rainy season you can experience hydroplaning. This is why most tyre manufacturers add hydroplaning protective qualities to their tyre line-up.

The Nokian Weatherproof tyres are marked with the snowflake symbol and can therefore be used all-year round in any weather condition. This makes them very valuable in areas that have constantly changing weather and it is difficult to plan ahead of the different weather conditions and since it is dangerous to drive in winter conditions without winter approved tyres, these tyres provide that safety when you drive.

Since it is important to reduce the risk for aquaplaning, most tyres nowadays incorporate this technology.  However, even with good tyres you can’t completely eliminate the risk. This is why it’s important to know what to do when your car starts hydroplaning. The best thing to do if you start hydroplaning is to stay straight and decelerate to try to regain the feel of the road and control of your car. To try to avoid hydroplaning look ahead and avoid any large puddle and reduce your speed in rainy conditions.

This means that new premium tyres with new innovative technology to prevent hydroplaning are the best weapon against hydroplaning. They are not able to eliminate the risk but drastically reduce the risk, so that you can drive safer and avoid getting caught in the unpleasantness of losing control over your vehicle while driving. It is a big contributor to accidents in wet conditions.

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