Select all-weather tyres that can handle winter conditions

By selecting all-weather tyres that are approved for winter use, you have tyres that can be used all-year round.  In fact, all-weather tyres hold the same “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake “symbol as winter tyres. This emblem signifying its approved use in severe winter conditions and is different from the M+S marking that tyre manufacturers can add to their tyres to indicate that the tread design can handle these conditions. It doesn’t say anything regarding its performance. The all-weather tyres are composed of a specially formulated rubber compound that allows it to offer excellent traction even when the temperatures dip below freezing. The all-weather tyres are actually a hybrid between an summer tyres and winter tyres making them well equipped to handle both summer roads as well as winter roads.  You will be able to drive on snow-packed roads comfortably without compromising on safety. Tyre changes when a new season approaches will be a thing of the past thereby eliminating the need to store a second set of tyres.

Compared to summer tyres, all-weather tyres have much better traction, especially on cold winter roads. It is for this reason that you will not be required to switch to dedicated winter tyres when winter approaches. Provided that the all-weather tyres are maintained, they will continue providing exceptional service throughout the year. Even when temperatures fall below freezing the all-weather tyres will still be able to have the excellent grip on the surface that it comes in contact with. Compared to summer tyres, these tyres won’t get hard at low temperatures, which is what happens with summer tyres. This is because the rubber compound isn’t optimized for low temperatures, so once the temperature drops the tyres will become hard and lose its flexibility.

All-weather tyres like the Nokian WR G4 combines high-performance throughout the year while offering exceptional winter grip. These 4th generation all-weather tyres builds on the uncompromising performance of its predecessors with new innovations like the “Blade Grooves” providing excellent performance in heavy rain, snowstorms as well as dry roads. The Blade Grooves efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface. The rubber compound of the tyres is very similar to the rubber compounds of winter tyres. It also features “three peak mountain snowflake” symbol. If you take a close look at the all-weather tyre, you will find that it is somewhat different from a winter tyre and it is this difference that allows it to work well in other seasons as well. The winter tyres are only made to be used in winter.

As the all-weather tyres are designed to handle winter conditions without problems, they hold the advantage over winter tyres in that they can be used in other seasons as well. The all-weather tyres usually feature a strong construction that makes them quite durable while still remaining fuel efficient. This eliminates the need to change tyres between the seasons and improves the safety as you will not be caught having the wrong tyres when you have rapid changes of weather.

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