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Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

The number of seniors who prefer aging in place is more significant than those who choose to stay in an assisted living community. Perhaps the most apparent reason is the independent lifestyle they get to keep up in the later years of their life.

Some give great value to their family home as they carry a deep attachment to the place where they started a family and grew over the years. More so, family and close friends can visit anytime with neighbors they can interact with when they want company.

Most retirement homes have limited visiting hours, making it difficult for visitors who visit their older loved ones leisurely. While the idea of location change may come up when a loved one is growing older, their choice of where they want to spend their years are theirs alone.

For sure, staying in a retirement community can be beneficial for seniors. However, aging in place can also be advantageous and can help save high costs, which can benefit in the long run. If aging in place is a sure decision, modifying the home to suit the seniors’ aging needs is of great importance. A home is typically a safe place for its inhabitants: however, it might not be for older people.

Many hidden risks at home might pose risks and health problems for seniors. These include uneven thresholds, steep stairs, slippery floors, etc. As such, investing in home modifications and assistive technologies can help make a home safer.

Additionally, seniors can still receive healthcare from their home’s comfort by hiring a 24 Hour Caregivers Hamden CT. Aside from providing care, they can offer friendship and companionship to seniors preventing the feeling of isolation.

Home modifications do not have to be an expensive expenditure. Assessing the whole house for areas that can potentially endanger a senior’s safety can be a helpful step in employing correct home modifications. Advice and tips from reliable caregivers in Connecticut can also help modify a house suitable for aging needs. They are more familiar with the risks and dangers associated with older people.

Click this infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare to learn some friendly home modifications for seniors aging in place.