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Why Your Business Needs a (New) Website

Some small businesses do not have the luxury of thinking about building or updating their websites because they are duly absorbed in running their business. However, it would be strange for a company not to have a presence online in this digital era as many people spend their time on digital platforms.

Having a website matching the business name helps a business develop its branding and identity online and make it look professional and trustworthy. It also establishes the company’s place in the industry as this can show potential customers how the company is different from its competitors.

A web page also improves a business’s customer service and makes its staff more productive at work. It answers the common questions asked by existing and potential customers, such as hours of operation, location, and overall offerings. It also provides essential information that the business wants its customers to know, including updates and announcements to keep them up-to-date on its relevant activities to improve its product and services.

Having a great website is a good start for businesses to make their presence online, but it is not enough in the internet economy. It has to be easily found on the internet, particularly search engines, such as Google and Bing. Fortunately, businesses can use their websites for their online marketing plans, too.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the preferred digital marketing strategies used by businesses. It increases the visibility of a business’s website to users of search engines. SEO is not a once and done thing. Hence, companies partner with agencies that offer consulting internet marketing SEO services. An SEO agency will optimize a business’s web page to make it search engine friendly through link-building efforts, content creation, and website promotion activities.

Having a presence online can have a significant impact on a business’s success. Building a website attracts the attention of existing and potential customers. It also helps companies showcase their brands and generate leads and e-commerce sales. This infographic from Landau Consulting details why a business needs a website.